This weird mouse is easy to use and takes stress off my wrist!!

weird mouse

Recently, I got this weird wireless optical mouse to check the drive.

The weird looking vertical mouse uses an ergonomic design that will create a “handshake” position for the wrist while use and this makes your movements smoother and cut down strain on your joints.

Though it looks good to relieve stress on the wrist, there is a reason why some of us won’t like it – its pyramid-like structure can look awkward for many of us who used to the conventional mouse. We think that adapting with this new size and new technology will be confusing for some people.

But this is obviously something that we need to adapt with.

Aside from the way that I didn’t and also the integration of this mouse couldn’t have been more flawless and swift.

how this ergonomic mouse work

The mouse is natural with its position (similar to handshake) and you can click as you do with the traditional mouse, the left finger for the select & ideal finger to bring up menu. My hands are smaller than marginally long fingers. While some users told that the mouse wasn’t preferable for hands with small fingers, I don’t agree completely. It was very easy and simple to use, however hands with the long finger could have made it easier. I agree with them that hands with long fingers could have made it easier to get to the thumb buttons, but they were not bad for me and I have used them regularly!

While the combination I expected to be hard was not, I had been charmed by a surprising psychological obstruct. The mouse will work if you want to control it by twitching your wrist, as it needed sometimes, but I was doing this often. Rather, it’s better to use your forearm to make sure that the smooth alignment takes the pressure off your wrist, which will make the mouse worth it in the result.

Once I realized, I have started to rest my little finger, removed blockage which was restricting my wrist movements, and got rid of my mouse pad as it could slide easier. I had not thought to remove it first, but it was blocking my movements in a smaller space so that I could not able to make movements easily. I even made my seat higher to make sure that my arm & forearm were on a level, 90-degree angle with my desk. Now I surely know that I want this to get over that psychological reflex & I have been really happy with it.

how this weird mouse work

The ergonomic mouse has the amazing wrist. Don’t indemnify with your wrist instead of making the movements with your arm. Throw away the mouse pad as it will move across your desk easily so that your arm movements can remain unbroken and straighten.

It’s Sad for me personally, and possibly for you, despite what I abuse my wrist during the day with every single other sort of invention — I work on a conventional Apple keyboard instead of something similar to this as of now anticipate having a hooked thumb in my years as a memento of the number of texts I sent in my twenties. Whatever the situation, I am glad with all the ergonomic mouse since it assisted take a variety of the strain off of me from one little regular issue that is will undoubtedly include.


The Vertical mouse is a less pricey ergonomic layout, so in the event, you’re searching for an approach to reduce the strain this might be a great place to start — particularly with how frequently you use your mouse in a workday. The only bad side is that it runs just on batteries and it will not fix all of your wrist strain if you’re likely to use it for the whole day.

But if you’re looking to cut down standard strain of your wrist and also want just a bit comfort when working on pc, this is an excellent alternative for you, especially for anyone who has regular – to large-size hands.


Let’s see the benefits of this ergonomic mouse at a glance:

Comfortable and classy look:

Are you tired of using the traditional grip mouse? Take a break from those uncomfortable tiny mice. The ergonomically-designed thumb grips and rests fit the shape of your hand for optimum relaxation.

Sleek and sexy:

Designed for greater performance and comfort, this mouse also unites a handshake grip together with easy-access switches and 3 degrees of mouse sensitivity (800 / 1200 / 1600DPI) for enhanced monitoring.

Easy-access use:

Five buttons provide you with enhanced control over your computer’s strategies. Whether dropping and dragging, picking big volumes of information, or gaming, this mouse provides a cheap, effective alternative for multiple computing requirements.

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