TOP 10 Hottest Christmas Toys 2018

the hottest christmas toy 2018

Though it still early to tell what the best Christmas toys for 2018 will be, there are already some toys have made their place onto kids’ wish lists. There are some cool toys on the market which are selling as the most popular toys of 2018, are predicted to be the hottest Christmas toys in 2018.

Hottest toy makers like furReal, LEGO or Num Noms come with some of these toys which will make you nostalgic – for example Lego’s enchanting Hogwarts Great Hall. Your kids will get into the kingdom of Harry Potter with this amazing Christmas toy. There are some other updates on modern trendy toys, like Hatchimals Mystery or Paw Patrol’s Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck. We have researched on the current market and made a list on the hottest toys for 2018 which is applicable for every child, whether your kid is interested in high-tech snuggle buddy or wants an educational STEM-focused toy!

We have only added those toys which have already drawn enough attention up to August and predicted as the best Christmas presents. If you’re searching for the hottest Christmas toys in 2018, then you’ve come to the perfect place. Here are some of the best and hottest toys which are going to rule the market in 2018.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit By LEGO:

This is the first and newly released building kit is based on Hogwarts Great Hall of Harry Potter. The 878 Pieces building kit will allow your child to build the magical Great Hall of the Harry Potter movies. The 14 inches high and 11 inches wide building set includes all your favorite Potter characters which will bring your child into the magical world of Harry Potter and make him feel like his favorite character of Harry Potter.


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furReal Munchin’ Rex:

What can be the most interesting thing than a pet dinosaur? Nothing really. This amazing pet dinosaur toy has motion sensors by which it can react when kids wave at it or feed. This beautiful Christmas toy can respond with minimum 35 sound and motion combinations which can make your child feel that he has a pet dinosaur. You will get a bottle, caveman-cookie treat, broccoli treat, and instructions with the pet dinosaur. Order now to give the best Christmas gift to your child to create unforgettable childhood memories.


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Electric Walking Unicorn Toy:

electric unicorn toy hottest christmass collection

This adorable Unicorn Toy has a real pet action like the above dinosaur. The toy interacts, walks and runs with babies like a real pet with pressing a single button. The Unicorn beautiful unicorn is cute, soft and very adorable which give your child a loyal companion! The unicorn toy can walk, dance, twist the cute ass and also sing interchangeable cute songs with just one press. You just need to pop some batteries in to let the fun begin. Press the love button and the unicorn will start walking & singing by twisting its ass!


This premium look unicorn toy can be the hottest Christmas gift for your girl to encourage and support her healthy development. Get this today before stock finished!

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Kamigami Jurassic World Blue Robot:

Grow up your child with STEM skills with their love of Jurassic Park. Using the Amazing robot toy, your children can create their own Jurassic World robot & control its effects like movements, sounds, and lighting effects. Kamigami will help teaches coding logic and lets your kid design dinosaur robot’s actions. Let your child to play with the best STEM Christ gift of 2018 and make his path easy to be an engineer in future!


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Jurassic World Indoraptor Rampage By LEGO:

This is another toy on Jurassic World but this time it’s not a robot. It’s a building set of 1019 pieces which can build Lockwood Estate. LEGO is still the most favorite toy brand and this time they also come with hundreds of sets to choose from, Jurassic World Lego range is one of them. They introduced this amazing building kit with the 3-level building, featuring configurable walls, a museum, removable windows, laboratory, office, bedroom, collapsing roof function with a large buildable triceratops skull!


Let your child celebrate a happy Christmas with this newly released Christmas toy!

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Nerf Laser Ops Pro:

Nerf is a toy gun which gives its users everything they need to face off in a real-life battle! The amazing Nerf Laser Ops Pro comes with a wrist strap to help the user that they can strap the app to their wrists. Nerf is able to give you the real feel of a heavy shooting multiplayer match like COD (Call of Duty) in real-life as there are different cool features in it.


The package contains 2 armbands, 2 blasters and instructions which will instruct you on how to download the app & how to play with all other things you need to know before start playing.

It’s one of our hottest Christmas toy gifts in this year, which can give your child a real-life battle experience! Not only him, you will also love to play with it, we promise! Order now to get this amazing Christmas toy before the stock finished!

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Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen:

Sphero made this Ultimate Lightning McQueen car which is one of the best line racers ever. This coolest car has animated mouth & eyes with the emotive suspension which will make you astonished at first sight. The Ultimate Lightning McQueen is the most incredible racing toy car which is born to race & spread its beauty!

To see the lightning respond to your commands you just need to connect to the app & hit the gas. The emotive actions and speeches of the car are great. You will fall in love with this after seeing the drift. It’s like a pro! The car will worth your money! Order to give the best racing Christmas toy ever!


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Anki Cozmo robot:

Cozmo is one of the most sophisticated little robots by Anki Robotics. Though it’s small you will get a lot of advanced robotics in a little package. It’s very easy to use Cozmo for toddlers (age 8 and up) with four simple steps. The package also comes with three blocks by which Cozmo and kids can play games. You just need to download the app to interact with Cozmo controls, countless games, camera and more. Cozmo is a robot that can express his happiness, excitement, frustration, anger, and sadness as like human through his emotive blue eyes and various sounds. The manufacturer uses a facial recognition technology that allows Cozmo to recognize all his friends and call them by their name. This is only a few- there are lots of surprises waiting for you if you want to get this amazing robot as a Christmas toy for your child.


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Holy Stone Mini RC Quadcopter Drone:

Quadcopters and drones are in the first portion of wish lists of kid’s toys for a few years now, though they are a little bit expensive. But this time Holy Stone comes with a Quadcopter drone toy which is too affordable for all. The Holy Stone Quadcopter is priced right with all the fun features that kids are looking for in a drone. The Predator Quadcopter Drone has three different speed modes to make the controlling easier for the beginner. There are some colorful LED lights which illuminate the body for fun on night flights. The package comes with a USB charging cord, one Li-Ion battery and a small screwdriver for repair. Let your child play with his dream drone toy in this Christmas with the most affordable budget.


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Osmo Genius Kit:

Make learning into fun with this Osmo Genius Kit. This amazing kit will transform your iPad (not included) into a hands-on learning tool.

From math and spelling to visual thinking, the games they can play an amazing role to teach children. The package comes with a base which can hold the iPad. There are some game pieces, word tiles and more to add variety to the games. There are some stackable storage containers which will keep everything organized. The kit is specially designed for ages 5 to 12 with multiple levels, thus it can keep kids to overcome new challenges every year. Let your child celebrate this Christmas with this amazing kit which will keep them learning while they just think it’s fun.


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