Drone X Pro Review

As a professional photographer, I always love drones as they can help me in some situation to take some special photos. I just have to make my little drone fry in the sky to take amazing pictures of the landscape which I always share on my Instagram. Drone makes taking shots easier for me, I can get shots whenever I want except I was flying.

Though I’m a big fan of today’s drones, but I have to swear that the professional drones are:

  • Expensive
  • And Big

Do you understand what I mean by expensive?


It’s more than thousand dollars. It’s really hard to spend over $1,000 in a minute for a drone while my photos are making me thousand dollars a month. Do you want to spend $1000 only to take pictures for fun?? May be you don’t want.

I thought that if I wanted to take good pictures with a drone, my only option was to buy a high-end drone by spending a lot. But I was not right.

I saw an advertisement of the Drone X Pro which picked my interest. It was so small (I think pocket-sized), and the advertisement claimed that it can take high quality pictures. The more I learned about the Drone X Pro, the more I liked it.

The DroneX Pro designed to take it with you always wherever you go. It’s small enough to fit in your hand when the blades are folded in. This is one of my favorite features of Drone X Pro. I was tired of taking big, bulky professional drone on campaign, so it’s something magical to me.

But in case of DroneX Pro, you can take it in your bag and head out to your next adventure.

It’s really easy to fly & control Drone X Pro through an app on your smartphone, you don’t have to face the compliancy of remote that you have to use.

The app allows you to instantly share captured images with your f&f. The most important thing is that you don’t have to attach your own camera as like other drones here.

You can make the drone perform the following moves by using the apps:

  • Hover
  • Forward/backward
  • Left/right
  • Up/down
  • Sideways

There are also some other options to control the speeds, and a one home key to make landing easy to bring the drone back at home. I loved the image capturing feature of this drone for taking clear photos, not only for taking great landscape shots, but also for taking selfies.

The impressive 150 feet flying range is another amazing feature of this blog. You can see your flight as you move with the FPV image transmission. You can take clear photos and videos at 150 feet height with built-in 720p camera allows you to

How Does the Drone X Pro Work?

Here are the technical specs to make you understand what this drone offers:

If you’re wondering how a drone can be controlled by smartphone, I’m explaining it here. There’s an app which can interact with your drone.

You’ll need to set the drone down on flat ground before start using the drone. Then you have to turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi to connect to with the WiFi of the drone. Once you’ve done, you can now open the app and tap to “play” to and start flying. The user manual will help you to know how to use the controls. It’s difficult as you think, and you can easily control and see what your drone is seeing while flying.

You have to do some practice flying first if you’ve never used a drone before this. This is normal to crash a few times but the drone is sturdy and durable enough to give you maximum support. If you break a propeller, don’t worry. They are inexpensive and you can easily replace them.

Unboxing DroneX Pro:


DroneX Pro is not ready to fly right out of the box. There are a few things you need to do before it goes out for its first flight, there are a few things you’ll need to do before start.

You’ll have to install the propellers as instructed on manual, it’s very easy. You’ll get a screwdriver in the box to install the propellers, so you don’t need any other tools.

Before flying it, I would like to recommend reading the FAA’s regulations to make sure that you can fly it legally.

Now I want to share you my experience of using Dronex Pro

My Drone X Pro Review:


I loved it sooo much. The DroneX Pro is compact, takes good photos, pretty much easy to control easily controllable by using my phone. I didn’t have to carry any extra equipment. I always  put the drone in my pocket and go outside as I can control it by phone.

The manufacturer of the drone also provides customer support. Whenever I reached them though through email or phone, they gave a proper solution. Though I’ve seen some other stores also selling that, but I’m not sure about them that are selling the original product or not. I’ve bought this from TIGERGIZMO and I only recommend you to buy original drone x pro from here.

Get It Here

The only issue with this drone is that it has a short flight time. But that’s not a big deal for me as the camera runs off of a lithium battery, so I always keep some extra with me and use them to extend flight.

As this is a pocket-sized drone, its battery capacity should be less than bigger drones. So you can’t really expect to be able to fly as like$1000 bigger models.

Overall, I want to review my DroneX Pro with a 95% rating.

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