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Whether you’re reading this during the spring, summer, fall or winter, you may need an ice scraper in your car always to remain safe. You may have experience with a car covered in snow. As like me you may start the car and let it warm up and remove the snow by hand. Sometimes you may face much difficulty if your windows are covered in a layer of ice which is VERY difficult to remove. I was facing this type of situation until last winter, but now I got the best ice scraper for the car along with a show protecting window cover. Today I’m going to reveal these two products which make my life so easier during winter.

There’s nothing complicating with these tools, they are very light and easily portable, so you’ll have a way to remove ice and snow from your car anywhere you go.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ve put together a snow scraper for cars and an ice protective windshield cover for cars. So actually you are getting a complete solution to keep your windows and front windshield free and clear of ice and snow.

First I want to introduce you with the Magic Miracle Ice Scraper, the best ice scraper for car available now:

Magic Miracle Ice Scraper for car:


These are not like other ordinary car ice scrapers which can never remove enough snow with each scrape, and you will always have to either push or pull to remove the snow or ice from your car. This uniquely designed cone-shaped ice scraper can easily remove all the snows from your card windshield or windows. You can easily move it any direction or in circles which ensures maximum snow removal from your car at a time. The cone of the scraper is extra wide which can cover more area for scraping and snow removal from your car.

The other side of the cone is strong enough with mini spikes which meant to be an ice-breaker. So if there is a large amount of ice on your car window, you can tap the end of it on the ice to easily break it away, after that you can easily clean all the snow with the cone-shaped part.

The cone shape has a large 18-inch scraping surface to clear the windows of your car besides the shape makes it extra comfortable to grasp and use.

This ice scraper is made from high-quality plastic but not with the sharp edge. So there is no chance of any scratch while using it on the glass.

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Anti Snow Front Window Screen Covers:


Now I want to introduce another gadget which will protect your car from being freeze in winter. The product is a front window screen cover. If you are tired of finding your car covered with snow every morning, then this windscreen cover is for you.

The cover will save your time and effort and will help you to get a clear windscreen every time.

The covers not only provide protection from snow and ice in winter but also help to keep the vehicle cool during summer.

There are strong plastic batons sewn into each tail to keep the screen cover in place. The built material is Aluminum film & Nylon which will not let snow and ice to freeze on your car. The screen cover is durable & lightweight and it’s very easy to clean it.

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That’s our two best products to keep your car free from snow and ice during snowfall. Both the best ice scraper and screen cover is affordable and really worth the money. I’m using both of them since last year and they really made my life easier than before.

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